My Glamorous Life - Trip to Columbus

I know that so many of you out there think that a makeup artist is a "cool" and "glamorous" job. Don't deny it. You have said it to my face. Maybe not you in particular but one of you has. *glares around cyber space*

All I'm saying is, I am not feeling very glamtastic right meow!

Today is Friday, the 13th! I know, OMG scary right? 

I am soon boarding a plane to Columbus Ohio to work a hair show for Redken and Pureology. Current situation includes a messy ass plate of half eaten mushroom swiss burger (without the bun and no they couldn't substitute anything for the fries. I don't want fries though. I guess fuck me, right?)

I'm at this White Sox bar-ish place in Midway Airport.

I had 2 wisdom teeth removed yesterday so I am in paaaaaaain. Oh lawwd am I in pain. I just stood in an hour long line at the TSA because the machine kept breaking down and my back pain started to flare up and I think I may die.

The cherry on top is my boyfriend and I are on a month long break from alcohol. Do you know how weird it is to not order a drink at the airport? Oh, not that hard? ....I guess this is where I start questioning the way I have been living.

In the meantime I will just replace one bad habit with a... not as bad habit? I think? Coffee.

MMM yeah. Thanks guy, for bleaching the floor next to where I'm eating.

I'm gonna get out of here for now.

Chat soon xoxo


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