Fenty Fans Cyber Bully Make Up For Ever

As you may have already heard, after 2 years of development Rihanna launched a new makeup line, Fenty Beauty.
Fenty has gone viral and not just because of it's creator... although it definitely helps. They're said to have a shade for everyone.

Launching a makeup line with 40 foundation shades is indeed a step in the right direction and has made waves around the world. As a working artist in the makeup industry over 10 years, I've heard women of color openly voice their concern regarding limited foundation shade options time and time again. 

Why is launching 40 shades a big deal?

 Just take a look at the train wreck that occurred when BuzzFeed hired "The Clown Contour", YouTube Personality : Bella DeLune, to provide make-overs using her clown contour "technique". 2:50 shows her completed look along with her reaction.
My reaction in the words of my 11 year old: "Bruh..." 

So BuzzFeed decided to hire the Clown Contour YouTube chick as click bait rather than a seasoned professional who could have truly bestowed the powers of makeup... 

k, I'm running my mouth off topic now. I'll continue to attempt the salvation of my industry another time and get to the point. 

The reason I touched on this topic is because the subject's skin looks dead, grey and washed out. Unfortunately, that's the way many women end up looking since they only have so many foundation shades to choose from. So, yay! Go Fenty for being another cosmetic company who strives to cater to ALL WOMEN & Men of course. 

Now for the drama. MUAHAHAHA

Make Up Forever, also known as, MUFE, is a company known and loved by many makeup professionals. They provide us with endless tools to help make our kits strong and capable of almost any job.

In a post that's gone viral on Instagram, Make Up For Ever captioned a photo of its foundation line, "40 shades is nothing new to us."

Rihanna fans wasted no time chiming into what sounds like shade being thrown on Fenty's 40 shades. 

LOOK. I whole heatedly support expressing your opinion but don't sit here in a glass house throwing stones. Some of these people are acting like someone just stole their grandma's purse and insulted their ancient ancestors. Like, how are you going to throw shade upon throwing shade? MUFE didn't even say anything mean. I'm sure you've heard worse from your little sister and lived to see another day. All of this aside, people hardly get this offended when other companies do it. 

Does anyone remember when Burger King dressed up like McDonald's for Halloween? No one threw a fit protecting McDonald's. 

Do you know why? Because: 

A. It's business 


B. It's all in good fun.

Take a look at some of the comments... 

I truly appreciate this comment: 

  • dvdlkOmg Ri is like the Trump of makeup comments online lol. I love all these 12 year olds coming up thinking they're makeup critics, Makeup Forever is a legendary industry brand. It's been around longer than most of you have been alive. Ri launched something awesome and fresh but she should pray she can achieve a fraction of the longevity that MUF has. Plus all these pale ass white girls bandwagoning commenting "ashy" bitch on who?? You? Casper the Ghost? Calm down, I'm not taking any makeup critiques from girls who can't go see an R movie. Grow up. Literally. 

I feel for you MUFE! I had something like this happen to me once. I had a different opinion and ended up getting into it with a few people in a Facebook group I got pitchforks and flames from a bunch of little girls telling me I'm not a makeup artist because my eyebrows weren't "fleeky enough" and I should wear different chokers not just black ones. I'm telling you, these girls were literally... calling my phone saying they were going to kill me and leaving false reviews about my business online. Some of which are still view-able on Yelp and Google... Go right ahead and enjoy ;) 

Bunch of hypocrites. 

In closing, was the choice of words on Make Up Forever's post controversial? Yes. Was it shady? AF! But this is business and it did what is was supposed to do didn't it? Created waves and took some of the spotlight off the new kid on the block. 

Make Up Forever ALSO wasn't the first company to use this tactic. So chill and vibe on. Putting this much energy and hate into something that doesn't directly effect you is throwing shade on your soul. 

I'm dying to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 


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