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Will I Ever Make It?

Once upon a time there was a girl who came from a very non traditional background. She didn't have any family who supported or guided her and she felt lost. 

K, that's me.

My book will be published one day with more details on that but for now I have the urge to share with you this,things absolutely WILL get better and you will progress contingent upon you putting in the work. I don't spend hours in front of my computer working anymore, but once upon a time I did. 

I broke up with my boyfriend 3 days ago and although the change hurts, I have an overwhelming positive feeling inside that this will bring me back on my path. I have overcome so much on my own and for me, this breakup has just launched me back into viking mode. I'm here to fight for the life I want. I will never settle.

A few things I recall sounding absolutely insane:

Financing a car. - On my 7th car now and currently drive a brand new car I love.

Getting my own place. - I bought a house at 26. House shopping no…

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