How to Prepare for a Makeup Artist Appointment with Paula Heckenast + City Lights Makeup

If you want to make the most of your session with a professional makeup artist it takes some preparation. Below is some info taken right from my preparation guide provided to all of our clients and celebrity regulars. Enjoy!
Photo by Billy Rood Makeup + Hair by Paula Heckenast


 • Collect hair + make-up inspiration pictures. This will help your artist create the look you want.Try to avoid photos on Pinterest and Instagram as they are usually extremely edited. We typically advise clients to Google; "Red carpet makeup" or "celebrity red carpet makeup", as the results will be less likely to be altered PLUS it is usually going to be a photo of a celeb who actually used a professional makeup artist.

• Wash, tone and exfoliate your skin.  You should absolutely consider getting a facial, makeup can only be as good as it's canvas. Rather than worrying about how your makeup artist can get you to look like a overly filtered Pinterest pic, tackle any skin issues head on by getting advice from a professional aesthetician or dermatologist.

• Get your eyebrows shaped.  We recommend threading because it causes the least amount of skin irritation.  If you decide to wax, plan to have it done at least 48 hours in advance otherwise the makeup may not stick to your skin properly. If you have never had your eyebrows waxed and do not know how your skin will react please try it 2 weeks or more prior to your important event/appointment,

• Remove peach fuzz from your face.  The make-up used by pros can sometimes accentuate tiny facial hairs.  We recommend removing facial hair by getting a dermaplaning treatment by a professional, threading or by simply running a disposable razor lightly over your face (just be careful not to nick any blemishes).  Don’t worry, your hair will NOT grow back thicker if you shave it – that's a myth!

• Drink lots of water.  This will help your skin look hydrated and supple.

•  Get your hair trimmed/colored to ensure it's fresh and light. If you have split ends your hair will be heavy and harder to style and absolutely will not hold. 

•  Bring your clip in extensions if you have them. If you buy new ones, please be sure to get them razor cut by your stylist so you don't end up with a mullet! 😂


• Keep drinking lots of water. 
• Come with a clean face. NO make-up on (be sure that you have removed all of your eye-makeup from the night before!).

• Bring any specific products that are a “must” for you, such as a particular lip product or mascara. If you like to wear eyeliner on your waterline, you may want to bring your own personal eyeliner for touch ups later in the day.

• Let your artist know if you have any allergies or sensitivities to make-up products.

• Make sure you finish up all of your errands (getting coffee, brushing your teeth, etc) before your appointment time so that you’re ready to hop in the chair.

•  Wash your hair the night before and be sure the blow dry. Don;y forget to add a light styling cream into your hair before blow drying, this will give your hair texture and help with volume. Getting a blowout in a salon is also an option. If you have extremely oily hair/scalp wash your hair the morning of your session. 

Be sure to ask your artist if they have any special instructions for optimal results!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.
We’re here to help!


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