I Demand a Do-Over ....

I have hopped around from blog site to blog site since 2010, possibly longer... I've gone almost a year without writing anything more than once and when I finally did it was basically just a place to post my new work images I was excited to share. I'm hoping to become a little, ok, a lot less, ADD. But, I will leave those old blogs up for growth's sake.

So, I'm back. Hey!

This is the first day of the rest of my life, or something like that? So, please bare with me while I ramble incessantly for a few more sentences.

I just found 2 blogs here on blog spot, this being one and the other is www.citylightsmakeup.blogspot.com - This is the older blog with a single entry dated in 2010 where I pretty much whine about a lot of shit I just hadn't learned yet when it came to being in business for myself. Since then a ton has changed and after reading that post from Feb 2010, I feel mass amounts of gratitude for all of my "accomplishments", the quotes are because I have a hard time taking responsibility for them, the "accomplishments" that is. It just feels super braggy. Is braggy a word? Firefox says no. But you get me. Aaaaaand there goes my ADD again. 

I have so much to tell you and am, as basic as it sounds, super excited to start this blog (again).

Check ya laterz! Just kidding no one talks like that. 

Da Makeup Mediator (As in DA BEARS... cuz I'm from Chicago)

Photo by Tykeith Nelson


  1. Loving it so far. Please talk about helping round faces not look so Charlie Brown-ish

    And also, how to stop jelly bishes from giving me the side eye cuz my brow game is fire. Lol xoxo

    1. This may be the best comment ever! Literally lol'd. <3


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