Lash Extensions or No Lash Extensions. That is the Questions.

Q. "At my bridal preview, my makeup professional tried to talk me into having lash extensions applied before my wedding. I don't do well with things on my face and eyes for long periods of time. I can hardly stand the strip lashes and hair extensions, forget it. But, are they worth the suffering?"
- Lisa & Kenneth - Elgin, IL - To be wed 4/6/2013

A. I am in the same boat as you when it comes to wearing lashes. I simply can't take it! However, I have naturally full lashes.. so not having false ones really isn't that big of a deal to me. If it is "worth it" or not depends on how badly you need or aspire to have more lashes on those bridal eyes. I would suggest trying it so there is no room left for regret. Lash extensions are much lighter than strip lashes and are applied individually. 


- Do your research. Look for "Lash Bars" or other salons who specialize in applying lash extensions in the city. If a company offers more than one type of lash extension, you're headed in the right direction.
- Do it right away. That way if you do not like them, you can have them removed before your special day.

- If the professional can not show you that they are certified.. Do not allow them to perform this service!
- Don't attempt to apply yourself with the pack from Walgreen's.. You will end up with a bald spot(s)!

 As we tell all of our clients, "We are your girlfriends and will always keep it real."

     Your girlfriends Paula & Kate


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