Bridal Beauty Services. Gimmicks vs. Vitals

So you're getting married...
CONGRATULATIONS! To marry your best friend and lover is by far one of the most important events you will EVER experience! 

Of course, you want to look flawless, timeless and a classy version of sexy right? Right. 

So, what's important and what's not when booking your bridal beauty services? Do you have to have water proof airbrush makeup, hair extensions, lash extensions and a body guard on staff to prevent aunt Doreen from kissing you on the cheek with her fuchsia lipstick? Maybe.. maybe not.  

We started this blog to help out lovely brides to be like yourself! Read on to learn from the experts here at City Lights Makeup Artistry Inc. 

 As we tell all of our clients, "We are your girlfriends and will always keep it real."

Q. "Is airbrush/waterproof airbrush makeup necessary?" 
- Kim & Bryan - Chicago, IL - To be wed: 7/13/2013

A. Not for everyone. Airbrushing is definitely one of the biggest wedding fads today. A common misconception is that you NEED to be airbrushed. 
Don't get me wrong, airbrush is great.. as long as your artist is using a quality brand. I personally (only) use Kett Cosmetics. I have tried countless brands and Kett is the only airbrush makeup that blows me away, every time. 

- The substance is incomparable. Once applied it seems to naturally conform to your skin.
-It feels as light as a mineral powder. 
- Airbrush is pigmented enough to cover even the worst acne!
- Very little to no need for touch ups.
- You can use it for tattoo coverage.
- It comes in water based - gluten free formula and alcohol based water proof formula.


- If you have peach fuzz on the area you have airbrushed, the makeup will actually emphasize the hair.
- When using the water based, a drop of water will cut through the makeup like butter and it can not be blended or corrected unless done by a professional.
- The water proof airbrush is very hard to apply. Unless you are sure your artist is very experienced.. you run the risk of having a cakey, tight feeling makeup application that is impossible to correct without washing your entire face and starting from scratch. 

Airbrush is more of a luxury than a necessity. If you really don't mind touching up your makeup periodically throughout the day/evening. You may be better off saving a few bucks and simply packing a compact to powder your nose.

     Your girlfriends Paula & Kate


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