You Shouldn't be Insulted if Someone Asks for a Discount.

My opinion throughout my 11 years professional experience as a self employed beauty specialist: When you lower your rates upon request, it blurs the quality of your brand. It's your job to take the reins and show potential clients the way to quality service.

Now, notice I said; upon request

I am not talking shit about a good ole' Black Friday sale. I am talking more along the lines of a scenario like this: 

Customer: "Your rates are expensive. Can you give me a better deal? I know X company that's charging waaaaaay less than you."   

We have all been there. Interactions like this are going to run you through a lot of emotions. 

- OMG how rude! 
- Who is this company? They're obviously not as good as my company.
- Wait, am I overcharging? 
- Oh fuck, I'm going to go broke! No one is booking me! Maybe I should just give them a deal. 

I got anxiety just typing that. 

The next time this happens to you, first and foremost remember to breath. This isn't the first time this has happened and even if it is, it will ABSOLUTELY happen again. 

It's very important to keep compassion in the front of your mind at all times. Especially during business transactions. Humans treat money the way wild animals treat their food. If a pack of wolves are dining on their kill and another group of wolves try to take over, what do you suspect will happen next? A fight. They need food to survive and unfortunately for us, humans are the only creatures on Earth who need to pay to live here.

Money = Survival. 

My Survival > Your Survival.

This is why the person is inclined to ask and you're likely to feel insulted. Long story short, we can all act like assholes. Most times unintentionally due to our primal instincts. Everyone likes saving money. Some people are better at it than others. Some people need to more than others.

One of my clients I am coaching: "So, why do people ask ME for a discount? They wouldn't ask Whole Foods for a discount." (By the way... Shout out to Whole Foods, I shopped there today and as always it was a dream! So many good foods.)

It's important to stop getting offended right of the bat when a client emails you asking for a discount. The only reason I don't ask is because I am in business for myself and I realize how it can feel to tell someone they essentially aren't worth the price they are asking. 
Otherwise, if you know me personally you'd know that I live by the motto, "Just ask!" 
You can get a lot of shit done that way. As long as you aren't hurting anyone I see no shame in your game! 

A few months ago I was in Columbus on business and my assistant Makeup Artist, Faith Walker and I decided to check out downtown. While passing by a club with a REALLY long line we both looked at each other and muttered, something along the lines of: fuuuuuck that. haha - Then I looked over at the bouncer and said, "So, would it be cool if we just cut this line?" Guess what? He said, "sure." and proceeded to open the velvet rope and let us in. The moral of the story is that it is OKAY to ask. 

You and only you are in charge of the way that you respond. Typically if I take the time to educate the customer on industry rates, why I am different, what's included and what to look out for, they will book me just because I have positioned myself as the professional. You are worth your rate and the right client will pay you for your services. It is your job as the pro to teach them why your rates are what they are. There will always be someone cheaper than you. If a person out there is only shopping for the cheapest rates after you have educated them on the very thing you specialize in then do yourself a solid and let them go. Do not dwell. You can't take every job but you can take each experience with you. For these are the experiences that will sculpt you into the entrepreneur of your dreams and the professional your clients can count on.

How do you handle customers that ask for a discount? 

Love always,

Da Makeup Mediator