Don't Explain Why You're Late.

I might get some shit because of this post but just hear me out. 

Take a moment to think about this. Close your eyes, well not yet, keep reading... sit back and think about the last time you were late to work. I mean, really really late. You're anxious, overwhelmed and kinda scared. All you want to do is call your client or boss and tell them WHY. You're sure they will understand if you tell them your dog escaped, your baby sitter was late, you got a flat tire... the list goes on. - Now think about the last time someone was late to meet you somewhere. Like, really really late. They call you and start to tell you how their power went out so their alarm didn't go off, or they needed to stop for gas, maybe they missed an exit or got lost. Is it just me or do you already feel your brain starting to shut off? Nope, it's actually happening. You'll start to go from listening mode to, I don't really care when the fuck will you be here mode. The truth of the matter is, no one gives a shit why you're late and no excuse will ever be good enough. If it is good enough, they'll think you're lying. 

Save your dignity and professionalism. Tell them you're going to be tardy and that you are sorry to keep them waiting. This will shift the mood from impatient to "oh it's no big deal", almost every time. No one wants to be the asshole who admits to being impatient.

Use this lesson with care. Don't take advantage of a situation and always do your best to plan ahead and be punctual. 

Love always,

Da Makeup Mediator