Mature Skin? Less is More. Here's Why.

I'm a professional makeup artist, full-time. That means I get my hands on a lot of faces. Sometimes 10+ per day and that number could quadruple if I am working an event or conference providing touch ups for speakers and/or attendants. 

When working with women of a certain age, it happens almost every time, they hop in my chair and the self hate and insecurities come pouring out. 



If concealing fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores is high on your makeup application priority list, then these tips are for you. 

Before I dive into these tips I want to give a disclaimer that you can't use makeup to compensate for a lack in skin care. In makeup, your skincare needs to take priority. Even as professionals, we (makeup artists) cannot manipulate the texture of a persons skin much. If you are in Chicago, please take a trip to my friends at Spa Derma! Mention my name: Paula Heckenast and receive $50 toward any service. As someone who loves the sun and well, let's face it, is getting older, I started a few treatments to help resurface my skin. Personally, I am currently incorporating: microneedling, resurfacing pads, hyaluronic acid serum and vitamin C serum.

Now, let's get to business. 

MATTE MATTE MATTE... ALL MATTE! - Shimmer, glow, glitter and sparkle all draw attention to. There's a reason why bright shimmery highlighting products have their name. They HIGHLIGHT the areas to which applied. If your goal is to reduce the appearance of lines always opt for matte products. The difference will blow you away. Please note: matte does not mean powder. Using all powders may have an adverse effect. Having hydrated well maintained skin is also key. 

Less is more. Face edition. - When I was in my early 20's I preferred full coverage foundations. The thicker and creamier, the better. As I have gotten older, my pores just won't stop growing and it turns out that packing them chock full of foundation will only make matters worse. It's very common for people to think the more flaws they see, the more product they need. It's not true! Opt for a powder or cream foundation with as little ingredients as possible, remember, less is more in the ingredients department too. The more fillers and added junk in the product the lower its performance will be. Stay far away from any drugstore brands (unless it's cruelty free like Pacifica found @ Target) that claims to offer a liquid mattifying effect. If you have any creases in your face, cheap mattifying products will sink deep in there drawing even more attention to those flaws and making them look much worse than they really are. If being oily is one of your concerns, try Murad Oil and Pore Control Mattifier and spot treat deep lines/pores with a pore filler primer like Porefessional by Benefit before applying your foundation.

Less is more. Eyes edition. - First and foremost, are you using an eyeshadow primer? If not, please get you one. I promise you will be kicking yourself in the ass for not adding this simple step to your routine sooner. I personally use Urban Decay in the color "eden". Not only will your makeup stay in place but it will not crease! After applying your eyeshadow primer, it's time for eyeshadow. I like to use a business card at the outer corner of the eye to ensure my makeup is applied in an upward position. I have a demo on how to do this in the video linked below from my segment on WCIU The U - The Jam. Lastly, try softer colors around the eyes. If you usually reach for black, try brown or grey. 

Still feeling lost? Email me with your questions!


The Makeup Mediator
Paula Heckenast