Social Media is a Damn Lie

Paula Heckenast
It has been almost 2 months since my last post. :face palm:

I have no real excuse, I was just being lazy - and that's perfectly okay! We are always expected to be perfect and moreover, we look like we are perfect on social media. I have heard so many things from acquaintances over the years that made me think, whoa... is that how I look online? One friend was afraid to tell me how much she makes at her new job because I "probably make way more". Another literally told me he "wouldn't know what to even wear around me". If you knew where I came from, there is no way you'd feel that way around me. I was the girl in the shitty house with too many cats. My humble beginnings have allowed me to get along with everyone. I can find common ground with anyone, for real. It's like a game to me and I've heard countless times how much my clients appreciate the way I make them feel. COMFORTABLE. It's seriously heartbreaking to think that people are intimidated by me. That I am "out of your league".. yep that's another one I was told just today.

The thing with social media, IT'S NOT REAL. It's perfectly edited to show off the best parts. A friend and fellow boss babe + therapist, Brittany Stevenson MA LCPC made a fabulous post on her Instagram @hykelyfe_bestlyfe explaining this perfectly. For more mental wellness tips make sure to follow her on Instagram. I also recommend one of her totally unique hike + therapy sessions!

Brittany Stevenson MA LCPC
  • hykelyfe_bestlyfe: With all the social media these days it's really hard not to believe everyone is out there living a full life of adventure, beauty, and happiness on a daily basis. Well, I have a secret for you...this is just not true. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. These are the trailers to our movies. We hand pick all the good parts and put them in a nice little package so others can see. What we don't do is put up photos of us crying, fighting, feeling like garbage, etc. That doesn't mean those days don't happen. If you want to have a realistic gauge on where you should be in your life, compare yourself to your old self. Are you better than you were 5 years ago? Are you stronger than you were last year? Are you thriving more than you did last month? If you want a healthy competition, you are the best competitor. Depressed mood comes with illogical thinking. Illogical thinking is at the heart of statements like, "everyone else has a better life than me," or "that person is always happy." It's simply not true. #hykelyfe #bestlyfe #compare #compete #depression
    Today's lesson: Get off ya damn cell phone.  
    I desperately need to take my own advice. 
    I'm making an effort to stay off social media. Obviously because of what I do for a living I can't completely delete it. I've tried and I actually noticed a big difference in revenue... 

    For now I will be setting time limits + will avoid getting roped into watching 20 funny videos or looking at inappropriate memes.

    The time you spend comparing and brainwashing yourself can be spent writing your own story. 

    You can do anything.

    For more information on Brittany Stevenson MA LCPC call 708.480.2066 or connect on Facebook + Instagram. HYKE LYFE BEST LYFE!