You Don't Have to Select One Field as a Makeup Artist.

     So you've decided to do makeup for a living annnnnd you've gotten started but aren't sure what career path you would like to take. You've joined Facebook Groups, follow people on Insta who are making it... or at least it looks like they are since they have like a trillion followers, create some social media pages and talk to your friends and family about your new journey. 
Is this sounding familiar? 

You start doing weddings, prom clients, the occasional photo shoot. Then slowly your business starts to grow. You start to get inquiries for jobs you didn't even know existed! Corporate and actor head shots, music videos, runway, conventions... the list goes on and on. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with diversifying your business. 

All too often I hear in Facebook groups, "You need to choose the path you'd like to take and then follow it." That's bullshit. I mean, if you know for sure that you absolutely love weddings and that's ALL you want to do, that's awesome for you. However, the reason for this article is to tell all you lovelies that it is perfectly okay if you DON'T know. It's OK to work all different types of jobs. In fact, It's healthy for people like myself who literally cannot STAND repetitivness. 

I can be on an international music tour with a band from Japan one week and the next I'm powdering the CEO’s forehead of one of the biggest pharma companies in the world. The day after that? Getting a 16 year old girl ready for homecoming. 

This type of lifestyle is for me. I am absolutely positive that I'm not the only one out there who feels this way. I thrive on new experiences. 

Follow your heart. 

Follow your instincts. 

Follow your passion. 

This is your life to live. 

You can sculpt your time on this planet into anything your wildest dreams can imagine. 


Nothing happens by accident.  

     Da Makeup Mediator