Makeup Artist Hired for "Cropped Face E Com". What it is and how to Make it Through Your Gig!

So you've been hired for cropped face e com but don't quite know what to expect? Calm your nerves child, I'm here to help.

As you probably don't know, since I haven't blogged in many moons, I was recently signed with Creative Management + Mc2 in NYC and Miami (they're awesome!). Within days of being signed my agent contacted me with some great news, I got a 10 day job! Woohoo! I was hired to provide "cropped face e com". Cropped face meaning, they will be using the image cropped from the nose down and e com meaning, e commerce. This type of job is typically for clothing ads on the client's website.

A Day in The Life Tips for the Artist.

First and foremost, BE TIMELY. Your timeliness directly represents how much you appreciate and respect the job. I've seen people fired and/or not asked back due to tardiness. 

Research their website so you can get the vibe.

Bring your full kit, just in case. There could be an emergency and they could need you for ads/full face. 

Bring different color packs of clip in hair extensions. When doing cropped face, the client typically likes to see hair just above the breast. Not to mention you'll most likely be using a fan and extensions help prevent "hair holes" (gaps in the hair due to the wind).

You will literally only have to prep, prime and apply makeup to the face from the nose down. I like to add a bit of contour and blush to be safe.

Bring a set bag so you can bring your touch up supplies to the set. 
  • Powder
  • Lip Product
  • Brush
  • Comb
  • Anti Frizz
  • Hair Spray
  • Anything else you think you will need. You know your work best.
Be vocal about being a team player. Offer to help with whatever you can.

Pay attention to social ques. You don't want to be a chatty Cathy but you also don't want to be a silent Silvia. Memorable, yet not annoying is what you are going for here.  

Congrats on all of your ventures, past, present and future! 

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Seriously though, 
     Da Makeup Mediator 

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