How to Attract New Clients Free! Yes, for Real. Part 1: How to Get Your Business Listed on Google Maps

Hey guys! Today I am going to touch on a topic that I have been toying with in my head for a hot minute. I have a lot of information to share so expect this to be a several part series.

It turns out there are a lot of beauty (and non beauty) professionals like myself who are having a hard time gaining new clients and I would like to help. I have come up with some what of a formula to help you cover your basis to ensure you are not having potential customers over look you online. The internet is a powerful thing and thanks to it I have been able to grow a successful business that helps me to take care of my entire household and then some. You will always need to put in the hustle, but with some of these tips you can help potential clients find YOU which is always nice.

I love getting together with pros from all walks of life to talk shop. The funny thing is, more often than not, I find myself diving into coach mode and helping said lunch date with almost always the same list of suggestions.

I am hoping with this series I can put it all down on paper, er, I mean, in fancy internet text so you too can feel like you've just picked my brain during lunch and cocktails.

I am Google Maps #1 Fan 
 Did you know that you can get your business listed on Google for free? You didn't? Well, you're not alone. I was talking to a massage therapist, Mark, who's amazing btw.. if you're in the Chicagoland area you really need to try his magic hands. Learn more about him here. He found knots in places like my shins... I didn't even know you could get knots there! Oops heading off topic there... anyway, Mark mentioned he was planning to branch off on his own more after leaving his full time gig. I mentioned Google Maps and his response was, "Yeah I have check out my budget." Budget? No. All you need to do is register on Google Maps and then Google will send a post card to your address with a code on it. Once you enter that code then bam! You're listed on Google. His response was like many others, "Oh. Wow. Really?!" 

Once you have done that then people can start to find you when they are looking for services like yours in your area. For example, I entered in the search term: "airbrush makeup artist chicago" and just look at that, I am on the top of the list! What's really cool is Google Maps results come above any web results. I love you Google.

#1 on Google Maps > The 1st Link

How do you list or claim your business on Google? 

Step 1: Go to Google My Business.
  • Click on "Start Now" and simply follow the steps! Yep, that's it.
So... What are you waiting for? Get that bomb skill of yours on the map, literally! 

Love always, 
-Da Makeup Mediator - Paula Heckenast 


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