Wet N Wild Makeup is Actually Great...? What the Flip?

I'm sure everyone remembers Wet n Wild. Formally known for their cheap... and if I am being brutally honest, tacky cosmetics. Right? I'm pretty sure there actually used to be an exclamation point in the logo that they have since dropped... Never mind, I just made that up. I researched and it seems they used to be, Wet "n" Wild and now it is Wet n Wild. They changed it to a little fancy italic n... By the way, I have no idea how to type the floating quote mark that just has one little line instead of 2 on my Mac. If you have a clue on that please inform me in the comments.

Here's a pic of the new logo vs the old.

The other day my cousin was over at my house, whom also happens to have a (far more popular) blog about the best sales and discounts for just about anything. Check her out @ www.slasherguru.com - She was telling me about a new matte lip product she bought and handed me the wand and said, "Bitch, try this." I snatched it from her, grabbed my compact mirror from my purse and put it on. It was actually heavenly. I was like, oh shit wtf is this? To which she responded, "Wet n Wild." I laughed and told her to shut up. She handed over the container and I also noticed it is CRUELTY FREE!

So of course I did what any bi polar person would do and bought (almost) every single color. My clients love it too and I kind of enjoy telling people I have Wet n Wild in my kit. It's funny because if one had said that only last year you'd most def get some filthy looks and everlasting judgement on the type of makeup artist you are.

For under $5, do yourself a favor and pick these suckers up! I mean, just look at this packaging.
Check out some photos of my clients rocking it!

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