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Mature Skin? Less is More. Here's Why.

I'm a professional makeup artist, full-time. That means I get my hands on a lot of faces. Sometimes 10+ per day and that number could quadruple if I am working an event or conference providing touch ups for speakers and/or attendants.  When working with women of a certain age, it happens almost every time, they hop in my chair and the self hate and insecurities come pouring out.  "I HOPE YOU HAVE ENOUGH MAKEUP FOR THIS FACE."    "I THINK THIS IS ABOUT AS GOOD AS IT'S GONNA GET." If concealing fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores is high on your makeup application priority list, then these tips are for you.  Before I dive into these tips I want to give a disclaimer that you can't use makeup to compensate for a lack in skin care. In makeup, your skincare needs to take priority. Even as professionals, we (makeup artists) cannot manipulate the texture of a persons skin much. If you are in Chicago, please take a trip to my friends at  Spa Derm

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